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Primers - Anticorrosives



 1 (One) component



Interprime 198

Universal alkyd primer

Colors: Red, Grey, White

Pack size: 5 Lt - 20 Lt

Intertuf 203

Vinyl anticorrosive primer

Colors: Aluminium, Tint, Black

Pack size: 5 Lt - 20 Lt

Interprime 539

Polyvinyl butyral acid etch primer

Colors: Yellow, Pink

Pack size: 5 Lt

Intertherm 891

Heat resistant paint (315°C)

Colors: Aluminium

Pack size: 5 Lt - 20 Lt

Intertherm 50

High temperature silicone coatings (540°C)

Colors: Aluminium, Black

Pack size: 5 Lt




2 (Two) components


Intertuf 262

Epoxy universal anticorrosive primer

Colors: Red

Pack size: 20 Lt


Intergard 263

Tar free epoxy tie coat

Colors: Light grey, Buff

Pack size: 20 Lt


Intrergard 269

Epoxy holding primer

Colors: Red

Pack size: 20 Lt


Intergard 400

Epoxy anticorrosive

Iron oxide HB

Colors: Dark grey, Storm grey,

Light grey

Pack size: 20 Lt


Interbond 201

Epoxy primer finish 

Colors: Grey, Red, Green

Pack size: 20 Lt


Interseal 670 HS

High build surface tolerant

anticorrosive primer 

Colors: Aluminium and wide range

of colors via chromoscan system

Pack size: 5 Lt - 20 Lt



Intershield 300

Pure epoxy anticorrosive protection

High perforformance

Colors: Aluminium, Bronze

Pack size: 17,5 Lt

Intershield one-2-one

Surface tolerant

Universal primer (OBM)

Colors: Aluminium, Red

Pack size: 10 Lt


Interline 850 HS

Phenolic tank - pipe lining

Colors: White - Grey

Pack size: 20 Lt


Interline 925

Heavy duty epoxy tank lining 

Colors: white, Cream

Pack size: 20 Lt


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